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Experience how small things hit the big-time!

Welcome to the Bürger- and Miniaturenpark Wernigerode

One of the most beautiful miniature parks in Germany exhibits more than 60 famous sights of the Harz Mountains. They are set within a fascinating landscape that is composed of little trees, mountains, boulders and meandering creek beds. In between, the famous Harz Narrow Gauge Railway winds its way up to the top of the Brocken Mountain. A visit in the enclosed Bürgerpark (citizen park) with its gardens, play­grounds, animal enclosure and beautiful views of the Harz countryside will round off your stay.

Our Offers

For Groups

The citizen and miniature park is an interesting travel destination for groups. You can choose between a guided tour through the miniature park or along our themed gardens. Rounded off with a delicious meal in the park restaurant you can experience a wonderful stay in our park.

For Families

The citizen park is an exciting and adventurous play space for children of all ages and a perfect spot for a break from the stresses of daily life. Our numerous playgrounds invite our little guests to swing and to slide, to dig in the sand, to climb boulders or just to experience nature.


Immersed in the green and very peaceful setting of the citizen park, you are invited to use this unique atmosphere for your meetings and business events. Experience how creativity and dynamic spirit find room for development.

The “Green Classroom”

The "Green Classroom" is the starting point for exciting natural history activities. Here, it is possible to convey knowledge through one’s own experience and testing. There is a wide variety of themes that can be chosen from.


Enjoy a variety of coffee and cakes, delicious meals and ice cream creations. The restaurant is open daily during the park opening times.



each year in the citizen and miniature park


miniature reconstructions

of the most famous Harz sites


early bloomers

in the park are welcoming springtime


themed gardens

which you can encounter on 2 circular paths
Impressions from the Citizen and Miniature Park